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Toby Wagons are the UK's best selling pull along along red toy wagons and perfect for parents pulling children or kids carrying each other. We bring the same quality and trust to the UK by offering affordable wooden pull along toys and wagons to our children that are fully tested to the highest EU Standards. These wooden carts are designed in such a way that they last a lifetime and even your kids’ children can have a fun time with them!

Our wooden carts can be used in many different ways. Let your princess bring along all her dolls and teddy bears and have a small picnic, or if your champion wishes to go adventuring! Our exclusive range of pull along trolleys can also be used in a variety of different ways by the parents of the kids too. Many parents use it to pull and push their kids in. This makes it quite convenient because you can now move about doing the chores with your kids coming along you safely. Hence, they prove extremely useful during the visits to the parks and gardens, or the music festival that you plan to attend.

You can also call us to know more about our online kids garden toys.

The press has featured us in both in Ireland and the UK with articles in The Daily Star, The Sun, Tatler Magazine, The Business Post, Primary Times, and The Irish Garden Magazine among others.

We offer a wide choice of products like pull along toys, snow racer sleds, hot seat sledges to name a few. We are proud of our efficient and highly professional service and the fact that we have quite a number of customers who shop for online kids garden toys from our website.

Order online with confidence due to credit card payment processing being the of the highest security standards. Alternatively call us and order on 0035387 2028443. You can then just leave all the worries to us and we deliver anywhere in UK for FREE

This product has been fully tested in Europe to meet European CE Certificate standards and has passed the EN71 rating to carry kids. We do not sell the canopy version as it doesn't pass basic fire standards and in our opinion is dangerous. We have no affiliation with Radio Flyer Red Wagons.

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