We hope to answer any questions you may have but if we haven't got it covered, we would love to hear from you. Call or Whatsapp Derrick on +353 87 2028443 or e-mail us at info@tobywagons.com or contact us.


1. How long does delivery take and how much is it?

Delivery is with DPD courier service who operate a 3 working day delivery in the UK. Delivery is FREE for orders over £50. Also we pay UK VAT so there will be no extra charges for VAT or customs. What you see is what you pay!

2. Do I need to be there to sign for it?

Yes, but we are aware that people live busy lives and cannot wait around all day for a delivery so you can always pick a different delivery address, like a work address, and we can deliver there.

3. Do you deliver to Europe?

We certainly do and all you have to do is pick your country in the checkout and update to get the delivery price. 

4. What if my country is not listed?

Please get in touch with us in that case and we will source the best price for delivery to you. We will then let you know the price to allow you to make the decision.

5. I am in America and want to order a wagon for delivery in the UK?

Please contact us and we arrange this for you.



1. Are the wagons flat packed and are there assembly instructions?

Couriers will only take boxed items so they must be shipped flat packed however assembly is simple enough. We have created an easy to follow video. Just click here.

2. Can the handle be fitted underneath the wagon to fit in smaller spaces?

It certainly can. You can set the handle to fit under the wagon by following instructions here.



1. Can I order over the phone?

Of course you can. Just call Derrick on 00353 87 2028443 and we can take your order securely.

2. Have you more pictures?

We regularly get happy customers posting pictures of their wagons in action on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages so have a look and please Like or Follow us to see more.

3. Do you sell wholesale?

We do sell wholesale and offer drop shipping. Simply contact us, or email us at info@tobywagons.com to discuss further .

4. I have a question. Is there somebody I can speak to?

As a family company we love to hear from customers and people with questions so don't hesitate to contact Derrick on 0353 87 2028443 or email us on info@tobywagons.com. Don't worry about contacting us late. We are a small family business so happy to reply.

5. Are you CE Certified?

Our wagons have been fully tested to exacting European standards. We are fully CE Certified as safe for children. We have also passed the European EN071 standard for carrying children.

6. Do you sell canopies for your wagons?

We don't unfortunately. The fabric used for canopies was sent to us for testing and it failed the most basic fire test. We believe these are dangerous and do not sell them.

7. Do you sell seats for your wagons?

We don't have dedicated seats but direct our customers to this website.  One of our favourite customers and social media gurus @todburn_tales said "This is the seat that I found to fit inside the wagon! It’s genius! Works perfectly! In case anyone ever asks you! It’s as if it was made to fit!"

8. Will your handles suit taller people?

Our wagon is used by both children and adults so we need to ensure that the handle is suitable for all sizes. So sometimes this doesn't suit a taller person but if it were too long then children would have difficulty pulling it. This usually does not pose a problem and if you look at the photos sent in to our Facebook Page by customers you can get a better idea of size - https://www.facebook.com/Tobywagons/. There are specialist luggage extensions as luggage suffers from the same problems as us. Here are two on the market currently - Here and here.  Or you can quickly make one like this guy did here.
9. My wagon got scratched. Can you recommend anything to fix this?
Halfords sell a touch up paint here that is the exact colour for the wagon. This will allow you touch up and repair any scratches that happen over time.

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