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Read how a Granny saw her Grandkids on their phones too much and inspired Toby Wagons and created "The Saturday Club"

Toby Wagons pull along wagons and how they got kids to plat outside more

My name is Derrick Bell and I built and created our range of pull along wagons called Toby Wagons in 2012. It all happened when my mother saw her Grandkids on their screens more and more and asked what she could do to turn it around.

Together we came up with a plan to get them playing outside more and our first thought was an outdoor Easter Egg hunt. We needed a pull along trolley in order to carry my son Conan and niece Ruby (pictured) and their haul of eggs. We couldn't find any available in the UK so Toby Wagons was born. We created a proto type and it was a huge success but we got stopped by so many people we thought there might be more to this so we started selling Toby Wagons in order to help other families encourage healthy fun activities. 

This proved such a success that we created "The Saturday Club" where three generations of family would meet up every Saturday and have a fun day out visiting the park, farmers market but most importantly getting outside. It's now a staple part of our week and one we cherish. Why not get your Saturday Club started?

The Saturday Club for outdoor play for kids

 Toby Wagons started slowly but soon grew to include both our best selling All Terrain Wagon and the Classic Wagon which we now sell all over Europe which we hope makes a little bit of a difference in getting kids to have more adventures. We truly believe we have created a great product with it's robust wheels to cover any terrain, strong metal frame to ensure child safety and it's cool retro look that is certain to attract attention.

Founder of Toby Wagons pull along cart

 Why not order a wagon today and start your Saturday Club and if you do, we would love to hear your story so just get in touch.

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